Messages for the New Year

As we begin New Year 2017, we will be focusing on several different themes beginning this month of January.  On New Year’s Day I will be reflecting on what it means for us to be new creations and ambassadors for Christ with a message entitled “New Creations in the New Year” from II Corinthians 5:16-21.

 On January 8 and 15 I will have us focus on our updated mission and vision statements with a Mission/Vision series.  It’s beneficial for us as a congregation to think together about what it means for us to live out what we believe is God’s calling for us as a church in this place and at this time in our ministry – especially as we finish our Renewal Lab journey this year and continue to work for our church to be more outreach-focused.

 Beginning on January 22, I will be starting a series entitled “When Trouble Comes.”  The winter months are difficult months for many of us and it’s redemptive for us to consider the fact that our fathers and mothers in the Christian faith have all had to go through periods of trial and suffering.

 My series is based on the book by Wheaton College president Phil Ryken, When Trouble Comes.  Each chapter of the book and each of my messages will focus on a biblical character that had to face and walk through their own season of trouble.  We will be walking with Elijah, Ruth, David, Jeremiah, Mary, and Paul as they deal with different types of pain and struggle that all of us can relate to at different moments of our lives.  My hope is that this series will encourage us and give us perspective and hope as the Lord calls us to experience our own troubles by his sovereign and loving will.

On Sunday evenings during the month of January we will be continuing our focus on the Apostles’ Creed in the Deliverance/Salvation section of the Heidelberg Catechism.

 On January 15, we will be hosting the combined service of the Jenison CRCs with the New Year’s theme of God’s providential care for us and all his creation.

 Here is the schedule for the January messages:

 January 1 AM – New Year’s Day – “New Creations in the New Year” – II Corinthians 5:16-21

 January 8 AM – Mission/Vision Series – “Worshiping God” – Psalm 95

January 8 PM – Lord’s Day 9

 January 15 AM – Mission/Vision Series – “Serving Our Community” – Matthew 20:25-28

January 15 PM – Combined Service at 12th Avenue CRC – Lord’s Day 10

 January 22 AM – “When Trouble Comes: ‘I’ve Had Enough’: Elijah’s Desperate Depression” – I Kings 19:1-18

January 22 PM – Lord’s Day 11

 January 29 AM – “When Trouble Comes: ‘Where You Die I Will Die’: Ruth’s Grief and Poverty” – Ruth 1:1-18

January 29 PM – Pastor Jim Evenhouse

May you enjoy a blessed and hope-filled New Year! 

Pastor Mark







Mark Bennink