Catechism Classes 

We firmly believe that it is the primary responsibility of parents to teach their children about who God is, what his Word says, and how we should live in response to it, just as the book of Deuteronomy tells us. But as a church we know it is also our duty as the Body of Christ to enrich our children's lives by engaging with and reinforcing the knowledge of God that parents have instilled. We also acknowledge that no matter how hard we try, education is not the ultimate source of salvation, God is. In light of that, we trust that the Holy Spirit will use the teaching that children receive in their homes, at church, and elsewhere to bring about genuine faith that leads to salvation and a life lived for God's glory and their joy. With these principles in mind, Twelfth Avenue and its members offer a variety of education opportunities for children of all ages.  Starting with little ones and continuing through high school students.

What do we offer?

Catechism 2017-2018

For 2017-2018 the middle school catechism class (5th-8th grade) will be studying Bob De Moor's book Quest of Faith on the themes of the Reformed Christian faith.  The high school catechism class (9th-12th grade) will be studying the the Heidelberg Catechism using the HC and Me curriculum from Faith Alive Resources. Studying these historic creeds and confessions will help students to better understand and apply basic Bible teachings that we believe as members of the Christian Reformed Church and the broader Reformed community. While these documents may be considered "old" by many people, they are still relevant for life today because they are based on the unchanging truths of the Bible.

To learn more about these and other programs available at Twelfth Avenue please contact our main office or Education Committee Chair Rev. Mark Bennink.